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My journey to becoming a business coach started in 2011 when I finally left a 10-year-long career in corporate America. I hung up my suits to smell the fresh air as the start of my entrepreneurial journey as a small business owner. Since then, I have built upon what I learned in my corporate role and applied it to my small business, successfully growing our company. Throughout my 13-year journey as an entrepreneur, I have experienced many changes, from launching my company through acquisitions and absentee ownership. So, I have years of formal training and situational leadership that I can apply to your business to help you achieve your goals. My experience, proven results, and the various challenges I have overcome make us the best solution to help you overcome the day-to-day challenges that you experience in your business. 

Chad Gilbert - Entreloop Founder - About Us
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Our Mission

“Our mission is to eradicate financial stress, time constraints, and sleepless nights for business owners, empowering small businesses to thrive. Our passion is to ensure your company is positioned for long-term success and financial stability. We provide personalized coaching and strategic guidance to entrepreneurs and small business owners, fostering growth, innovation, and sustainable success. We aim to catalyze transformative change through tailored solutions, mentorship, and a commitment to excellence, helping our clients navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and build resilient enterprises that impact their communities.”

Why Choose Us

When I said I “started my career in corporate,” that doesn’t mean I operate my small businesses precisely like a corporation. The game is different; the people are other.   We apply practical solutions to your business, leveraging our corporate experience to build the foundation and complementing that with my 13 years of small business ownership and situational leadership to provide systematic processes to grow your business. 

Small Business Experience

With 13 years of small business experience, I know what it takes to accomplish things. Things aren’t always cut and dry. There are many moving pieces to managing a small business, and you wear many hats. I know, I’ve been there. Managing the hiring, customer acquisition, marketing, customer retention, operations, and logistics can be overwhelming, but with my expertise, we can break down those barriers and streamline each sector for you to achieve success.  

Having owned and operated a company for over a decade, I can provide personalized advice rooted in real-world experience. This ensures that coaching sessions are not just theoretical but directly applicable to the challenges and opportunities faced by small business owners. You receive customized advice, strategies, and solutions, ensuring that my coaching efforts directly address your unique situation, fostering more effective and targeted growth. Small business isn’t a one-size-fits-all; we understand that, and I have experienced it as an owner. Our guidance will be tailored to meet your goals and desired outcomes while overcoming obstacles.

With a proven track record of successfully leading a company for over a decade, I can provide valuable insights into effective leadership practices. Small business owners can enhance their leadership skills, create a positive company culture, and achieve long-term success.

Having transitioned from corporate America to entrepreneurship, I understand adaptability and innovation. I can assist you in the culture of flexibility, resilience, and creative problem-solving, which is crucial for sustained success today. We can work through the change management, streamlining your operations to enhance productivity and efficiency. 

Leveraging my extensive professional network, built over years in corporate America and entrepreneurship. You can tap into this network for potential collaborations, partnerships, and business development opportunities.

Gain firsthand experience in growing, merging, and acquiring companies, bringing a unique skill set. You can benefit from guidance on navigating complex business transactions, implementation, change management, and integrating new entities seamlessly. 

Leveraging over a decade of corporate experience equips me with a deep understanding of the intricacies and challenges inherent in large-scale operations. This knowledge can be invaluable for small business owners, providing insights into best practices, streamlining processes, and practical strategies to grow your business.

Drawing on my journey from a corporate career to successful entrepreneurship, you can access strategic insights honed through years of planning and decision-making. This perspective helps small business owners develop long-term strategies, navigate growth, and anticipate challenges.

Look, it’s lonely at the top. When that happens, sometimes you need someone riding a shotgun to assist you with your direction, ensuring you are getting what needs to be completed to move your business forward. You can rely on us to ensure you are striving for success and being challenged to push your agenda toward your goals.

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Career Timeline

Chad Gilbert - Career Timeline - Entrelooop

The path to becoming a business coach started in 2010 when I founded A Gogo Event Rentals and ultimately resigned from my ‘9 – 5’ corporate job. I built an event and party rental business from the ground up with a $300 pick-up truck and about $3,000 in inventory. We experienced substantial growth, doubling our revenue in four years by providing a clear marketing strategy, an excellent customer experience, enhanced SEO, streamlining operations, and a few other tricks. Once we hit our revenue goal, we shifted our business to focus on profitability by identifying our ideal customer, systemizing, reducing our delivery area, and further streamlining our operations. 

My company eventually merged with another local company I worked for in college. This enabled us to provide more growth opportunities for team members, reduce expenses for both fixed and variable costs, increase profitability, and diversify owner responsibilities. One year later, we acquired an indoor company to extend new product offerings to our customers and provide more long-term employment opportunities to our staff. From there three months later, Covid hit, which had a near-catastrophic impact on our company. Leveraging our outdoor business, further streamlining operations, key employees, a lot of recruiting and onboarding, expense reduction, restructuring, some PPP money, and a lot of blood, sweat, and a few tears, we rebuilt the company, putting it back on track. 

Those challenges created a lot of deep reflection and a need for prioritization. The company’s management was turned over to leadership within the company so that I could pursue my passion for helping business owners, and I founded Entreloop. 

Leveraging over a decade of business ownership experience, we will partner to empower you and your business to overcome the day-to-day challenges of operating a business, achieve your goals, and position your company for long-term success. 

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