10 Simple Hacks to Achieve your Goals in 2024

10 Simple Hacks to Achieve your Goals in 2024

 As we enter 2024, reflecting on our aspirations and setting goals for the months ahead is natural. Whether you’re aiming for personal growth, career milestones, or newfound habits, this blog is your guide to making those aspirations a reality. In the spirit of simplicity and effectiveness, we’ve curated a list of 10 hacks that will empower you to achieve your goals in 2024 easily. These actionable tips are designed to streamline your journey, enhance productivity, gain confidence, and bring you closer to the success you envision. 

Achieve Your 2024 Goals with 10 Simple Goal Planning Hacks

  1. Write Down and Document Your Goals:  It seems obvious, but common sense isn’t always common practice. Maybe you have heard the statistics already, but according to a study by Gail Mathews, a psychology professor at Dominican College in California, participants are 42% more likely to achieve their goals if written down and documented than those who did not. Open that Google Doc or grab a piece of paper and start writing. 
  2. Align your Personal and Professional Goals: This step connects what you want to achieve with what you do 40+ hours per week. If your personal goals are to spend more time with your family, make more money, take more vacations, buy rental properties, or start your own business, align your goals so that your personal goals and your professional goals align. 
  3. Align your weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, 3/5/10 year goals. Keep the end in mind when goal planning. Ensure that your short-term goals align with your long-term goals so that you can continue to have them build upon each other and focus on your long-term objective. For example, maybe your long-term goal is to own ten rental properties in 5 years, but you know nothing about property rental. You would start with short-term goals of learning about owning rental property, networking with others who own rental properties, real estate agents who sell properties, and others who are in that space, reducing personal and professional expenses to save for a deposit, and so forth until you are in a position to obtain your first rental property. Build a plan that daisy chains all your goals together in order to hit your long-term goals. 
  4. Shorten the period from annual to quarterly: This concept is detailed in the book 12-week year. If you haven’t read it, it’s a great book and perspective on goals. Moving to a shorter period for goals provides a shorter deadline and a sense of urgency; it will also give you time to adjust and recalibrate, if needed, to hit your goals. Track your progress often and consistently. 
  5. Focus on 2-3 Needle Movers:  When setting goals, focus on 2-3 major “needle movers” to accomplish. Don’t saturate your goals with a bunch of goals and get distracted. Focus on 2-3 to accomplish, and set 2-3 more when completed. This works well when complemented with Point 4 above. If you can tackle 2-3 goals per quarter or bi-annually, you could accomplish between 6-12 significant needle-moving goals by the year’s end. When was the last time you accomplished 12 primary needle-moving goals(not tasks)? 
  6. Build Momentum with small, achievable starter goals: For the blog commentators out there, I’m in no way saying anyone should put up long-term, easy-to-reach goals that don’t have an impact, aren’t lofty, and won’t get you to where you want to be. To reach your long-term goals, you need Momentum by seeing improvement, achievement, and progress. When a backup quarterback comes in because the starter got hurt, the coach doesn’t typically call a play for a 65-yard bomb down the field to their best receiver. They call a play for an easy, high-percentage throw, a quick pass or screen to get the quarterback comfortable, gain confidence, and obtain Momentum. Through a series of those types of plays, the quarterback gains confidence. Confidence, Momentum, and a plan will enable you to reach your long-term goals. Set some quick wins and gain Momentum.
  7. Plan your Achievement Strategy: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” (Dave Ramsey). Lofty goals may feel unachievable, but the best way to position yourself for success is to build a plan, and the steps required to hit each goal should be specific. Plan to take one bite or step at a time, to hit your goals. 
  8. Schedule Time in Your Work Week to Focus On Your Goals:  Schedule uninterrupted time blocks in your week to focus on your goals. If you have a lofty sales goal, allocate uninterrupted time to cold calls, network to build contacts, and generate leads. Ensure your time is uninterrupted and focused; turn off the email, text,  any distractions, and focus on utilizing that period to advance your goal agenda.
  9. Document Weekly Wins: Try not to focus on the problems and lose sight of the positives. The positives give you the momentum and motivation to keep moving towards your goals. At the end of each week, document your weekly wins in your schedule, journal, or calendar; make sure you document them; you worked hard to obtain them. 
  10. Celebrate milestones and accomplishments:  Reward yourself for hitting your milestone and victories even if it’s simple. Personally,  I like a bowl of ice cream, a good meal, or a cold beer. Celebrate your wins; you deserve it!

If I can assist you in identifying, planning, or achieving your goals for 2024, contact me to schedule a time, and we can build out a plan together to enable you to achieve your goals. 


Chad Gilbert - Founder Entreloop - Business Coaching Services

Implement these 10 Simple Hacks to Achieve Your Goals in 2024

As we settle in to the first quarter of 2024, armed with newfound motivation and a clear vision for our goals, these simple hacks serve as powerful tools to pave the way for success. Remember, the path to achievement is often paved with small, consistent efforts. By implementing these hacks into your daily routine, you’re not just setting goals; you’re actively creating a roadmap to turn your aspirations into reality. Embrace the journey, stay resilient, and celebrate the small victories along the way. Here’s to a year filled with purpose, growth, and the fulfillment of your most ambitious dreams. Happy goal-chasing in 2024!